Exterior Services

Need to get rid of the road grime, dirt and bugs on your vehicle? The skilled technicians at The Bearded Man Auto Detailing will have your vehicle looking as good as new with our range of exterior services.

All paint detailing services come with a microfiber mitten hand wash which includes a presoak and degreaser treatment that breaks down dirt, oil, bugs and road grime that are on your vehicle.

We then dry and blow out exterior cracks and crevices. We proceed by using a clay bar treatment which ensures that all brake dust, road tar and other contaminants are removed from the clear coat surface, enabling waxes and polymer paint sealants to bond better and last longer. 

Please note that the prices below are estimates and your cost will be determined on the condition and size of your vehicle.

Clay Bar & Carnauba Wax

(3-month protection)

1-Step: Our Exterior Auto Detailing technicians carefully clay bar the entire vehicle then apply a durable carnauba wax that will leave your vehicle with a like-new shine and a three-month protection.

Clay Bar, Polish & Carnauba Wax

(6-month protection)

2-Step: Our exterior auto detailing technicians carefully clay bar the entire vehicle, then machine buff it using our high quality polish which corrects minor imperfections to your vehicle such as light scratches and oxidation and brings your vehicle to its original beauty. We then machine apply our durable carnauba wax which seals your protection with an awesome “wet look” shine and six-month protection.

Clay Bar, Compound, Polish & Polymer Paint Sealant

(9-month protection)

3-Step: This sealant protection service is for customers who are looking for a long-lasting high-gloss, silky-feeling layer of protection. The paint sealant reduces surface tension so dirt and dust slide off. Day after day your vehicle’s paint will stay cleaner. When it’s time to wash, cleaning the protected paint is easier because contaminants can’t get a firm hold on the paint. With this service, your car is machine buffed by using our high quality polish to restore that new vehicle shine, then we apply our polymer paint sealant.

Engine Detailing Service

Is your engine looking grimy? An engine compartment can be one of the most over-looked areas on a vehicle to have cleaned and degreased. Open it up and you may find leaves caught in it and in hood jams as well as dust and dirt residue all over the engine surface and under the hood itself. Getting your engine detailed causes your engine to run cooler than it does when dirty. In this service, our technicians will shampoo the engine compartments with a powerful foaming degreasing cleaner. It will remove oil and grease and loosen all kinds of grime. After it has sat for awhile, a high-pressure spray rinses it and takes away the built up grime, sand, salt and everything else that can accumulate in your engine bay.


Headlight Restoration Service

Are your headlights getting yellow, dull or foggy? We bring headlights back to new and remove dull, yellowed headlights and enhance night visibility. We can clean and restore your headlights and tail lights with our progressive wet sanding and polishing techniques for maximum visibility.

Overspray Removal Service

Many vehicles today are subject to paint overspray, whether you realize it or not. You may work near an auto body shop that sprays cars every day or drive under or over a bridge that may be getting painted at the time. By leaving the overspray untouched, the clear coat and paint on your car can be embedded, making it almost impossible to remove. Using our clay bar and liquid lubrication, we are able to remove all unwanted overspray.

** All prices are subject to change based on condition and size of the vehicle. **

Please note: cancellations made within 24 hours of your appointment may be subject to a $50 fee.